Project Proposal

For my Advanced Illustration Styles and Concepts class I have to come up with five independent(ish) project proposals. I need to combine my different goals into a single illustration. The post-granduation goals that I might be able to incorporate are 1) freelance wildlife illustrator 2) children’s book illustrator 3) environmental/ wildlife fine artist. My five best project ideas are:

1) A play on the Roman fable of Androcles and the Lion-

Story: A child finds a skunk and removes the can stuck on it’s head, even though he is afraid of being sprayed. The skunk saves boy from bully or burglar.

2) An opossum trying to be a kangaroo, since that is the most well known marsupial. 

3) A girl reaching out to touch an owl who has just landed next to her in the woods. Moonlit scene, with a slightly surreal, magical mood.

4) A tiny nymph-girl riding a sparrow through a field of dandelions. Possibly with another element to increase the storytelling aspect- such as a cat or fellow nymph-like character watching. 

5) A woman sitting with a disposable cup of coffee. She is shocked because a mouse has appeared out of nowhere to encourage her to use a reusable tumbler next time.

-view from table level, looking up at mouse’s back, cup, and the woman’s shocked face.