Self-Evalution for Advanced Styles and Concepts

I am interested in all aspects of the environment. Sustainability, the health of the environment, and ecology are important to me. When I really focus in on the issue, wildlife is what most interests me. I volunteer a significant portion of my time rehabilitating wildlife at the Ohio Wildlife Center. Animals, and particularly wildlife are my favorite subject matter.

I am primarily a watercolorist. I prefer to use watercolor on illustration board. Occasionally, I will add pencil, colored pencil or pen work. I will also use acrylic in a watercolor style when appropriate.

Some adjectives that describe my work are soft, warm, calm, natural, and empathic.

After I graduate, I would ideally like to be a freelance illustrator getting work in the fields of wildlife illustration (e.g. Nature magazine) and children’s books. I might also like to do some gallery work that revolves around environmental activism, wildlife, and people’s interaction with nature.

Some illustrators who inspire me are Jerry Pinkney, Harry Rountree, Robert Bateman, Peter DeSeve, Alan Lee, and Jean Baptiste Monge. It sounds cliched, but nature inspires me. Being in the woods makes me want to paint. Music also inspires me. In particular, the music of Cirque du Soleil (not to mention the Cirque du Soleil shows, themselves) is my go-to painting music.