Social Media. In some cases it is to be avoided at all costs. In some cases in it a necessary evil. In some cases its important, helpful and fun. And I have to navigate the scary quagmire trying to find out which is which.

I know that Facebook is out of the question. I don’t have my own personal page, so how/why would I have a page for my art? I will avoid going on an angry rant about the evils of Facebook. Another time perhaps. 

I already have a LinkedIn. Its so important to remain somewhat networked (especially since I don’t have FB) that I should not try ti do without it. I’ll need to get it up to date though. 

I will have a truthful moment here. I had never heard of Behanced before my portfolio class. It’s a little embarrassing. But I have signed up and pan on utilizing it to the best of my ability. 

I’m not sure what other social media I am going to use. I’ll have to percolate some more.