Bio for My Website. I'd Appreciate Your Feedback!

I am a spunky, tree-hugging, adventurer. I’m sure I seem harmless enough- being a fairly calm person with no more than the usual amount of dirt under my fingernails. However, I’m passionate about the environment, wildlife, and my art; and I’ve been told I am as fierce as a cornered squirrel (trust me, they’re fierce) when necessary.

As an avid bird-watcher, hiker, and a wildlife rehabilitator, the passion for nature that is bottled up within me drives my artwork. The experience, knowledge, and inspiration I gain from this portion of my life are continuously renewing and cycling into my paintings. From the experience of releasing an orphaned opossum that I raised, to seeing a great blue heron in flight over the Scioto River, the compassion and affinity I feel for the natural world always draw me back to my art. I love painting nature, and whether it be a naturalistic children’s illustration or an expressive gallery piece, my idealism usually seeps through.

Sustainability and responsibility in regards to the environment are important to me. With my paintings of nature, I hope to show people the world they have. Many people don’t see the world that I can see-the simple beauty of a sparrow sitting in a sycamore tree, the haunting clarity of the watery song of a wood thrush hidden deep in the beech woods, the perfect majesty of a twelve-point buck shooting through the long grass. If I can show people- both children and adults- what is around them, then they may join me in fighting to keep what we all share. That is my purpose as an artist.My love of life and adventure also dribble into my paintings. Life is not fun without adventure! The world is full of beautiful people, sights and experiences, and everything I paint is an expression of that. Experiencing life is an important part of being an artist. New experience translates to new creativity. For example, a year and a half ago, I decided to explore the world of fire performance. It looked fun. Now, when not painting, I am a professional fire dancer and a fire eater. Yes, I put flaming torches in my mouth voluntarily! This opened up a new world of people, sights, and experiences that are a constant source of inspiration in all that I paint. Other inspiration comes from climbing trees, jumping in leaf piles, playing in mud puddles, and handling wild animals at the wildlife center at which I volunteer. Recently I was privileged enough to wrangle a bald eagle. She was a gorgeous animal, and it was an amazing gift to handle such a majestic, fierce creature. My experiences provide both raw material and the beautiful insights an artist needs to paint the world.