Mr. Woodchuck

This is an illustration for the children’s book I am working on (Mrs. O'Keefe’s Ducklings

Next to Mrs. Opossum was another animal. He had big front teeth and was eating something yellow. “What kind of animal are you? What are you eating?” Pokey asked.  “I am Mr. Woodchuck and I am eating corn on the cob. I love vegetables,” he said.

Thumbnails for my first senior year project. I am going to do a children’s book illustration of Abraham Lincoln. I watched a bio on him to get some research, and wow! He was really interesting. For example, he grew a beard because an 11 year old girl sent him a letter telling him he would look handsome with one. This should be a fun project. Below is my moodboard for the painting. The top illustration is a Jerry Pinkney painting. Love him so much!